State House committee to consider abortion provider state funding ban

In 2015, the Michigan Legislature enacted a budget provision preventing any state contracts for family planning with an abortion provider (mainly Planned Parenthood, but not exclusively) from containing any state funds. This provision, however, cannot prevent the flow of federal dollars that pass through the state health department. Shutting of those funds requires a win in Washington, D.C., which Congress did pass earlier this month and President Obama promptly vetoed.

This Wednesday, January 27, the House Appropriations Committee will take up House Bill 4145, which would make the state funding ban a permanent law, not an annual budget provision. Major abortion funding restrictions in Washington like the Hyde Amendment have always been year-to-year budget provisions. We do not want our state funding prohibition to be year-to-year.

Following is a list of House Appropriations Committee members to contact. If your representative is on the list, please contact him or her through e-mails or phone calls to their offices, encouraging them to Vote YES on HB 4145!

Al Pscholka (Chair) 517-373-1403, AlPscholka@house.mi.gov
Chris Afendoulis  517-373-0218   ChrisAfendoulis@house.mi.gov
John Bizon   517-373-0555   DrJohnBizon@house.mi.gov
Jon Bumstead  517-373-7317  JonBumstead@house.mi.gov
Edward Canfield  517-373-0476    EdwardCanfield@house.mi.gov
Laura Cox  517-373-3920      LauraCox@house.mi.gov
Daniela Garcia  517-373-0830   DanielaGarcia@house.mi.gov
Larry Inman  517-373-1766   LarryInman@house.mi.gov
Nancy Jenkins  517-373-1706  NancyJenkins@house.mi.gov
Tim Kelly  517-373-0837   TimKelly@house.mi.gov
Mike McCready 517-373-8670  MikeMcCready@house.mi.gov
Aaron Miller  517-373-0832   AaronMiller@house.mi.gov
Paul Muxlow  517-373-0835   PaulMuxlow@house.mi.gov
Dave Pagel  517-373-1796    DavePagel@house.mi.gov
Earl Poleski  517-373-1795   EarlPoleski@house.mi.gov
Phil Potvin  517-373-1747   PhilPotvin@house.mi.gov
Harvey Santana  517-373-6990   HarveySantana@house.mi.gov
Rob VerHeulen  517-373-8900  RobVerHeulen@house.mi.gov
Roger Victory  517-373-1830   RogerVictory@house.mi.gov